Why Time

Monday, December 21, 2015

Slow down...

Life is good but you have to slow down to see it before it passes you by. 
All the things worth savouring in life are often enjoyed more when you slow down and take in the details. 

Sit with the ones you love and soak in their beautiful energy, it could be the last time. 

Write a hand-written love note and feel each word as it brushes along the page. 

Sit in silence with your eyes closed and your hand on your heart and feel your precious life pulsating through you. Smile with every organ knowing that you have made an impact on the lives around you. 

Life has a tendency to run away from us if we let it. Time is the greatest gift we have been given for it's time that allows us to see, love and define ourselves. Slow it all down and soak in this moment for you are here now.