Why Time

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Don’t take yourself so damn seriously!

Seriously, do those closest to you really get the deeper essence of who you truly are?
Do they thrust you high up into the clouds or do they weigh you down for fear of being left behind?
Do you feel alone on your wondrous journey through life? Is your new-found purpose burning a whole in your chest?

Here’s the thing. You’re the only one who really needs to get you. You’re a first rate version of yourself. No one else needs to lift you up. You are the maestro. You conduct the symphony.

So why do we all crave acceptance and external validation? Answer. We are human beings. We all strive for deeper connection. We want to be seen and know that our life mattered to others.
I’ve often claimed that “I Don’t Know What the HELL I’m Doing!” It’s why I wrote a book on the subject. But I do know WHY. It’s my clarity of purpose that feeds my soul and fuels the way. It’s my beacon. My distant light guiding me in.

When you [focus] with laser precious on what you desire to experience in your brief lifetime, you’ll create a shield of pure light that surrounds and magnifies your deeper WHY.

No one else needs to think your way. Your dream will soon be realized and the World will be Helped by You. That’s my definition of the deeper WHY that will shift the world’s energy.
So, in the words of the late and great Dr. Wayne Dyer, “Don’t take yourself so damn seriously!”
Create your life the way it was intended to be. #whyguy