Why Time

Monday, January 25, 2016

How will you know you've arrived?

What is your end goal, the prize and the treasure? What is it that you are seeking and more importantly what will give you peace and fulfillment? Most people won't touch this question for fear of the answer not revealing itself or worse it does.

When you know what you want and WHY you want it, your journey becomes more meaningful. When you fixate on the little flag 500 yards away it's gives you something to shoot for and it keeps you away from the hazards

Anyone who has ever acheived anything created a clear vision of what their arrival looked and felt like. When your vision is driven by a burning desire and ignited by your passion and purpose nothing can stop you. 

Without this GPS for your life chances are you will wash up where the wind takes you.  Arriving at your destination is a lot easier when you know what it is and it may have already passed you by. 

Today invest the time in getting clear WHY you're here and what you want most. Here's a clue - it's NOT simply to pay the bills.  Live with this question - 'How will you know you've arrived'?