Why Time

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

How do you let go to let the love in?

A deep question for a beautiful Wednesday morning. Then again, it's Why Time, the space to question and reflect on what really matters and why. 

I want you to think about the energy that you give to the following areas that make up the EGO.  Then ask yourself, what no longer serves me? What do I need to release so I can let the love rush in?   

1. The feeling of being insulted or exasperated. 
2. The need to be heard and validated. 
3. The need to win, to be right and feel a sense of superiority over others. 
4. The need to accumulate more. 
5. The feeling of being defined by your past accomplishments and achievements.  

One of my greatest mentors is late Dr.Wayne Dyer.  I dedicate this BLOG to him and his teachings around releasing the EGO.  He helped me realize the reason we suffer and torment ourselves.  It's the allocation of energy to these 5 areas that traps us from truly being free to love ourselves unconditionally.  

Throughout my life I experienced all of these emotions.  It's when you choose to create your life - your way that you change your life.  You will feel a greater sense of love and fulfillment when you decide what you want to experience and how you wish to exist. When you allocate your energy towards creation and wrap all of your passion and purpose around it, everything else fades away.  

Today, reflect and live this question: 
What do I need to let go of to let the love in?