Why Time

Monday, March 28, 2016

What path do you need to be on?

What's the path that you need to start walking? You may have seen it but simply chose to walk an easier, more comfortable path.  You're not alone yet to live the purpose that you're seeking you alone have to walk it.  The key is to become one with it.  You have to become what you're seeking. 

Getting on the path means you need to let go of everything that has been holding you back all these years.  Who you are now, where you are in all areas of your life is the result of the path you chose to take years ago.  There's no need to blame others for your current situation.  Instead, flow your energy into a new sail.  Key in a new GPS that harnesses your passion, purpose and the outcomes you wish to create in others as your coordinates.  Imagine your energy being filled with tremendous joy and meaning knowing that together they can inspire life-changing outcomes in others.  

It's your path, it's always been there and the moment you decide to walk it your life will take on new meaning.