Why Time

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Seed your WHY

I love the story of the bamboo seedling and it's journey to growth. This is such a great analogy to how we create our lives and nurture what means most to us. When you plant a bamboo seedling into the ground, nothing happens after the first year. You continue to water it, feed it with sunshine, clear away the grasses and weeds around it and still nothing after year two. During year three, you continue nurturing it with your attention and love, willing it to emerge but no matter how much you want it to rise it still resists. Only in year four does something magical appear, that little seedling spent the past three years growing an incredible foundation of root systems so firmly rooted into the earth that it spawns massive growth. It needed the time.

Similar to our greatest goals, if we just take the time and seed our deeper WHY we will experience the greatest growth in our beautiful lives. Nurture your passion, purpose and deeper relationships and you will experience results. I define the WHY as the World Helped by You. It is through persistence and daily discipline that your greatness will emerge. Similar to the bamboo seedling, your greatness is already there, it's always been there waiting to be seeded so you can grow into the extraordinary human being that you were born to be.  I know this is a challenging time, probably the most difficult point in your life. Recognize that you are being stretched so you can grow into the best version of you. The best is yet to come. You just need to believe in you even when no one else does. By living with daily passion and purpose you are seeding your deeper roots that will allow you to live your beautiful WHY. 

Remain in a state of flow with what you want to create most. Find a way to align your daily actions, even the smallest amount will contribute to your greatest growth. Fixate only on the end result and know that all of your extraordinary efforts are leading to the most monumental growth that you have ever experienced. 

Finding inner peace through your WHY

Many of us get hung up with the act of doing versus the inspiration of being. We define ourselves by our job titles, past glories, awards and accolades. As a race, we have conditioned ourselves to become doers rather than reconnecting with our hearts and existing to be the best version of ourselves. Society pushes us to do more, consume more, act more in order to find peace.  I define the WHY as the World Helped by You. To arrive at this state of being requires a different mindset and an acceptance of who you are. Interesting that we are born as human beings and not human doings. Over 90% of people do not know who they are. There is little clarity for what brings them joy, inner peace and happiness.  We have conditioned ourselves to do versus be. We allow finances to drive our daily choices. We rationalize our existence and continually detach ourselves from the only thing that matters, our true state of being. 

Unfortunately we are transcending this way of being to our children. They witness our daily anxiety and financial pressures that we have placed on ourselves. Imagine a world where we all exist to live into the best versions of ourselves. Imagine waking up everyday with so much inner peace and joy for what the day is about to unfold. A world that defines ROI as Reach out and Inspire Others is a world that thrives by elevating the human race. 

We are all born as creators, with a unique set of gifts not skills. Your unique gifts are in you to give. Skills are what you acquire through the act of doing. We get conditioned to perform in our skills. We add them to our resumes and Linked In profiles. We celebrate them at networking events and choose roles that allow us to apply our skills. Years pass by and we become defined by these skills and the many roles that we have applied these skills. 

To arrive at the state of WHY requires you  to readjust your inner compass by defining your Passion - Purpose and Outcome. It's the only way I know to unleash the power of WHY. Your passion represents your joy, your bliss and when you see the ones that are in a continual state of joy you know that they are living with daily passion. Your Purpose is defined by how you are being of service to others through your special gifts. Your Outcome is what you want others to experience and feel. When you are living, being and acting from this state, the World is Helped by You. All of your daily actions become inspired actions that are driven and fuelled by something bigger than your current self. This is what I wish for you.