Why Time

Thursday, January 21, 2016

What will be your greatest treasure?

How will you know you've arrived?
What is your final destination? Have you contemplated the depth of your journey in this lifetime or like most people, are you just surviving? 

We are all on a path seeking the only true emotion that binds us - love.  We all are seeking it and the path to happiness and fulfillment.  

Like most people, you've been searching for it all your life but most likely in the wrong places. The love that you deserve is not external. It doesn't come in a shiny box with a red ribbon. It doesn't come in a brand new car parked in a double car garage. This love does not come with the next promotion or rank advancement. The love you are seeking is your greatest treasure. 

Close your eyes and feel your beating heart and the energy of everything around you. Know that you are here now to make a difference. Your very existence is the greatest gift and without you a piece of this global treasure called humanity would be missing.