Why Time

Monday, November 28, 2016


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Anything you are pursuing in life will only come to fruition through your unconditional love for it.  

Love everything and everyone around you.  All of it has been put in your path to help you become the person you were meant to be.  

Love the person you are becoming by loving how far you have come.  See everyone that has crossed your path as your greatest teachers.  

Love your enemies and the ones that try and bring you down. Just like the day needs the night, the most challenging contrasts become your greatest strength.  

Love yourself unconditionally for it's the power of love that will attract greater abundance and new levels of love your way.   

Love your past by releasing the energy that holds you back from loving the most significant time of your life, this moment.   

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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Hold onto your Vision

Thank These past 6 months I've been diligently creating 2 new publications:  BIG DREAMERS, my newest book and VISIONARIES, our latest Defyeneurs MAG issue.  

What I've discovered along the way in interviewing dozens of extraordinary people is the significance of VISION.  Without it you are blind.  

VISION is like an inner GPS that connects your intention with the energy of the the 'UNSEEN'.  It keeps you [focused] only on what matters most to you.  

VISION attracts the way by keeping your heart open to the inspiration that flows your way.  

Anything I'm creating always starts with the 'end in mind'.  This vision becomes a living energy that aligns all of my actions.  

VISION is my candle in the dark and if you're up to some really great things then you're definitely going to be feeling your way through some dark spaces.   

VISION catches me when I'm falling down and failing better.  It cushions my fall so I can back up and get back on the path of living the only thing that matters, my WHY.  

And when I'm living my WHY I know the world is truly helped by me. 

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

What are you waiting for?

We're all waiting for something to appear in our lives that will finally kick start the life we desire to create: a sign, permission, more money or more time...

What if the only sign you need is GO!  What if everything that you think you need gets attracted along the way. 

That's the beauty of just starting. Letting go of having to have it all figured out.  You don't need to know what the hell you're doing but you do need to set an intention.

Here's the thing.  You've played it safe your whole life.  You've played by the rules and you didn't colour outside the lines.  So how has that worked out for you?   

I'm not judging it because I was there at one point being and doing what others wanted.  No more!  This is your life and I don't know how much time you have to really live this question so you can take action on it and see it through to the end.  

I want you to know that you're not alone certainly if you're in my universe.  I'm on a mission to inspire you to take action and create the life you desire.  Together I believe we're just better and the world needs you more than you know.  

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

1 + 1 = 11

In today's fast-paced connection age you don't have to go at it alone.   

You can draw on the strengths of others until you find your inner power to stand tall.  

Some of the greatest minds embrace the collective power of the many. When we stand together we create a connected world.  

The new mathematics of connection + collaboration is 1 + 1 = 11.  Together, you're just better! 

What could you accomplish through the collective energy of the universe? What new innovations could you see realized through the support of others?  

This is your time to ignite your idea perhaps all you need is someone to light the fuse.   

Embrace the collective energy of others.  Surround yourself with people that won't let you play small.  

We're all standing by.  

Monday, November 7, 2016

Let it go

What has been holding you back all of these years, preventing you from

freeing your spirit?

It's the one [energy] that controls all others like a domino effect - everything else would start to fall away.  

This same energy misleads you in thinking you need to hold on to it in order to get by and survive.  

It's the very thing that has been holding you back from truly creating the life you desire.  

Before answering this question first fill yourself up with love.  Believe and know that you are love.   You're not alone or disconnected you are surrounded by angels that are ready to take your hand and pull you up.

Let go of the fear and let the love in.    

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Don't be Right!

Don't be Right! 

For you to be right means someone else needs to be wrong!   This way of thinking and being is not serving the world.  

Your expectations of others will only cause disconnection and fear.  Others don't need to get you.  You are the only one that needs to believe in you.   

Your time here on this earth is so limited and the energy that you allocate to others, expands.  

So what are you focussing on? Where is your energy flowing? Give attention to the only things that truly matter.  

The first step is to catch yourself and lead with LOVE.  In any given moment, you can choose to love everyone around you and embrace their energy as a gift.  

I know it's hard.  We have all been conditioned to expect others to show up a certain way.  This belief system is not serving us or our need for deeper connection.  Let go of the ego.  Release the need to be right.  Embrace the perfection of everyone's imperfections.  

When you start to embrace the notion that God only sends you angels you will begin to see everyone around you as your greatest teachers.  

The universe is your canvas so create your masterpiece for you and the love you feel inside.   Release the expectations of others and go about your day living your one precious life.   



See your energy and everything you are putting out into the world bouncing back to you like a rubber ball.  

I remember as a child living in a very abusive environment having a red and white rubber ball that I carried with me everywhere.  Holding and bouncing it made me smile.  

Holding that rubber ball made me smile at the world. I would look at someone and I just couldn't help but smile and they instantly smiled back!  

I know that these may be challenging times for you.  The people that you surround yourself with may not be showing up the way you like.  My insight is to BOUNCE.  

Let the energy of others BOUNCE off of you.  Smile your enthusiastic smile and project your infectious energy into others.  

Everything you throw out BOUNCES back your way so why not project only the BEST version of yourself.