Why Time

Friday, February 6, 2015

Live for more

What is in your heart this very moment? Close your eyes and transport yourself back to when you were a child - you had a dream for your life. You saw the world through a lens of unlimited possibility. You saw that the world was only good and you could wish upon a star and create anything - be anything - you knew at a cellular level that you were a creator of this universe. You have been placed here in this time with a blank canvass and a handful of brushes to create your masterpiece. 

It's time to live for more. It's time to become a dreamer again and listen to the only thing that matters - your heart. It's time to throw away the fear and doubt because they have done nothing for you. It's time to no longer be influenced by the so called friends who are trying to 'save you.' Smile and wish them well and move on to creating and living the life and the love you crave in your heart, let them steal someone's dream because you are to busy getting  busy living for more.