Why Time

Thursday, February 12, 2009

In the news on NSB

I am increasingly impressed with The National Speakers Bureau and their ability to re-invent themselves during this creatively challenging time. Their new website and ability to streamline information is excpetional. The full team under the direction of Theresa Beenken is stellar to say the least. I am extremely grateful to be listed as one of their preferred speakers and to be featured in their news area: Check it out at: http://nsb.com/news/page:8

The ART of thinking BIG

Gerry Visca is focused on helping Mississauga GET CREATIVE, more in the Mississauga News
http://www.mississauganews.com/article/23985 I am looking forward to this upcoming Branding Boot Camp. Having grown up in Mississauga, I had the pleasure of attending TL Kennedy High School ans playing tennis at Cobblestone Courts and ORC. This is an incredible city with great growth potential. I look forward to March 5, 2009.

I am so pleased to be a part of more and more speaking opportunities across the country. I was interviewed on The Hamilton Spectator this week both in print and also on video. There are 50,000 speakers world-wide and my goal is to be an inspiration to action. This is my message to help people, businesses, entrepreneurs GET CREATIVE. This is an art, an action that must be taken by businesses today more than ever. During my talks, I focus on my 10 laws of Creativity:

1. Uncover Your Natural Ability
2. Condition Your Mind
3. Developing Your Personal Brand
4. Build Momentum
5. Collaborate and Attract
6. The Art of Differentiation
7. Become a Master Presenter
8. Create Your Own Opportunities
9. Visualization Affirmations Gratitude
10. Live Life with Passion

This week was extremely thought provoking and full of creative energy. We have all of our BIG THINK sponsors in place and on track for bringing 200 BIG THINKERS together on Mar 27 and 28 at our BIG THINK in Toronto. These are people, entrepreneurs and businesses that want more then ever to learn the tools to thrive in this new market place. They are arriving in bus loads, car pools full of excitement and energy. The big thinkers are not giving in, rather, they are thinking outside the white box, they are getting RED, fired up, inspired to take action and network with their peers. I personally look forward to interacting with each and everyone of them. I have devoted the next 14 days to meeting with over 1,000 people across the GTA illuminating them as to the value of being a part of the BIG THINK.