Why Time

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Love knowing WHY

Inside all of us is an ability to love without limits. I've always imagined a world inspired where we lift one another up on a daily basis. We start each day loving others knowing WHY. We don't have to wait until a special holiday, birthday or promotion to express our deep love for those closest to us. A world where we love knowing WHY is a world filled with new hope and possibilities that elevates us all to new plateaus. Love knowing WHY makes you present to the only thing that matters. It blocks out all of the noise and distractions that we allow to enter our minds and control our thoughts and emotions. Love knowing WHY is an energy and a way of being and the only way to lead. It surpasses the shareholders and sends out a clear message that we are human beings not simply a collection of titles and employee numbers easily expendable. A world that starts and continues loving others knowing WHY is a world of clarity and belief that we are here now to be, create, compose and contribute great things. 

Today, pause, reflect and look up beyond your current situation and direct your attention to others, even for a brief moment. Pour your love and your light into their heart knowing that you are making a difference just by being it for that moment. Love knowing WHY and the World will be Helped by You.