Why Time

Monday, August 29, 2016

Move one step closer

Everyday you have a choice to move one step closer, to living the life, you imagined.  As I ventured out on my early morning run, I thought about the many parallels with this morning routine.  

I know where I'm going, in life and on this run.  The end destination, is clearly visible in my mind.  The only true power I have in this moment, is to focus my breath and the one step in front of me.  

Years ago I decided what I wanted most, to exist in this world as an inspiration to others.  With every step and belief in my vision, the path widened and became increasingly clear.  

To arrive you have to first DECIDE, what you want most.  Without that picture clearly implanted in your mind, the steps you take, won't lead anywhere.  You'll eventually arrive to someone else's destination, asking yourself, did it all really matter?  Did I live the life I intended to create? 

The energy that's going to keep your momentum running, is your unbridled faith and belief in what you are creating.  

One step at time, taken in the right direction, will get you there.  Have faith, love the journey for soon you'll be busting through the ribbon.