Why Time

Monday, January 5, 2015

Why are you here?

It's time to reignite WHY you are, what you wish to be and do with the time you have.  As I sit here and share with you this mornings WHY BLOG I'm filled with gratitude and love for this breath, my fingers tapping my iPhone 5C and the dedicated enthusiasm coursing through my cells. I'm filled with so much joy for the woman I love sitting across from me sharing a cup of coffee as I contribute my verse with the world. 

Each year I create a manifesto for my life and this year is so special - I'm 100% dedicated to inspiring the world to DREAM AGAIN. In 2008 I published a quote: "The worlds needs BIG DREAMERS, create what you want most in life. Every moment is a creation. Sitting here now, choosing to inspire you with these words is an inspired choice. Reacting or not reacting to what others feel is also my choice. We are impacted by thousands of choices every moment of everyday. I have chosen to live a life of inspiration so I became intentional and aligned my actions to living that purpose. I surround myself with love and people that want to see me succeed. I develop myself everyday by choosing to create my day in advance. I choose to pour myself into my inspired tribe everyday lifting them up so they in turn can do the same for others - this is the world that I imagined so many years ago - a world inspired, a new ROI for us all where we all Reach Out and Inspire others. The world is ready for you to paint your WHY. We are holding a blank canvass and giving you the brush to create your life masterpiece.  Today ask yourself what actions can I take so I can contribute my unique gifts with the world.