Why Time

Monday, August 22, 2016

How did you love?

Every morning, I choose a THINQ card. It's the cutest, mini book series capturing my top 156 life questions. I love questions, I ask them all the time to audiences, clients and daily, to my life partner Angela. I guess that's why they call me the WHY GUY!  

A question has tremendous power to take us from an un-conscious 'doing mode' to one of 'being and bliss'.  It helps us pause our lives and become the moment.  

I love the evergy in this question.  How will you LOVE before you die? It took me years to come to the realization that I love myself.  It was though years of becoming what I was seeking, that opened my heart, to receiving love. I was seeking inspiration, defined as, 'in-spirited'. I was seeking a connection to my higher self and a higher purpose, so when I chose to inspire others, the love rushed in.    

I want to arrive at the end of my life knowing I loved without limits and with an open heart.  I want to feel and love my life, in all of its splendor and wonder.  

What new thinking can you start embracing to open up your mind and your heart? What new actions are you prepared to take, to feel greater levels of love?  Live your greatest life now, with deeper layers of love. Release the past, the anger, judgment, jealousy and hate. Let it all go, like a wave of water, rushing over and clearing you. 

Now, open your eyes and your heart and let the love rush in.