Why Time

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Why do we fear death?

It's an interesting question to kick off a Tuesday morning -Why do we fear death? Or is more appropriate to question: Why do we fear life? Think about all the things we fear: looking foolish, worrying what others will think of us, being abandoned, being vulnerable - seeing the real truth behind the mask and any form of discomfort that enters our life. When you are truly living everyday, you have nothing to fear for you have lived your life. For me it's about living with passion and purpose knowing that I am creating the outcomes of my life. I'm helping someone everyday get more clear as to why they are here. Start with the outcomes in your life. What do you want others to experience? I want the world to take action and know that they have the power to create their life their way. What are your outcomes? What do you want to be remembered for creating? Start with the end in mind and it will help you create a whole new beginning today.