Why Time

Monday, March 12, 2018


When I chose to set out in a path of inspiration back in the later part of 2007, I published 10 inspirational quotes.  

Little did I know at the time that each one of these “mantras” would have a profound impact on my life.  

The first step towards nurturing profound change starts with planting the seed of an idea.  

It’s one thing for me to write these words and quite another to live them.  

The quote I published two years after the seed was planted was:
“Nurture your career and your relationships and experience results.”

The next 9 years that followed consisted of nurturing the seeds I had planted. I chose to be for others the very thing I was seeking: Inspiration. 

It’s what I wanted others to experience so I poured myself into nurturing those around me and that led to a bountiful life filled with Love, Passion, Creativity and Inspiration. 

  • Surround yourself with a TRIBE that knows WHY they are here. I define the deeper WHY as the World Helped by You.  

  • Seek out those that live with greater Passion and Purpose knowing that the Outcome they seek is also seeking them.  

A TRIBE that knows WHY is an unstoppable force. Their light becomes a beacon for the World and their intention streaks across the universe. 

  • Nurture the seeds you planted long ago with your belief that you are meant for more. 

  • Wash over them with a profound sense of love and joy. 

  • Cast a light upon their unique gifts for others to marvel. 

  • Comfort them when the energy of fear and disbelief takes its grip upon their life force causing them to feel lost and alone.  

Nurture your WHY TRIBE and bask in the growth of your relationships knowing that they have created the profound results that is your life.