Why Time

Monday, May 22, 2017

Was it all worth it?

Was it all worth it?

Think about the life you've created. The steps you took along your path. The hundreds of YES's you gave into and the few NO's that helped you stand your ground.  

Look around. Are you where you desire to be? Are you living the dream that entered your heart, a lifetime ago? 

Look in the mirror. What about the love you craved? Are you finally receiving it? Are you letting others in or are you still surrounding yourself with walls of disillusionment? 

As you take a moment and press the 'pause' button of your precious life, ask yourself: What am I meant to remember? 

What was the 'fiery passion' that lit up your inner dragon a few whispers ago?  

Is your life filled with purpose and greater meaning? If this was your last year on this earth would you be doing what you've chosen to do, all these years? 

Now is the time to ignite the passion and purpose that is your birthright.  

Now is the time to remember who you really are and the greater role that you are meant to ignite.  

Now is the time to...Remember Why.  

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