Why Time

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Practice your WHY

This is the most exciting time to be alive. You have reinvented yourself in so many ways over the past years. You have tried everything and you have been everything for others. Today is about you and only you. Today is about declaring to yourself and to others this is how I am going to be. Yesterday I was sitting with a lovely young woman who asked me how I was able to become the person I am today. 

How do you push through the pain the discomfort, the people and the energy that is holding you back? Here's the thing, only you can make the choices to unfold the bigger picture of your life. Only you can walk through the door. You're the only one that can take 100% responsibility for how you want to live. 

I'm not necessarily better than the other guy nor do I strive to be better than the other guy I simply practice my WHY more than the other guy. My WHY is my passion and purpose with a meaningful outcome of pushing the human race forward. It's not a part-time thing once in a while, or at an event, it's consistently lived every hour, every second, every minute of the day. Pour yourself into your WHY by being of service to others. Let go of the past and the energy that no longer serves you. Replace fear with creation and pour yourself ONLY into the things that you have a desire to see manifest. Your thoughts become things and action creates change. 

Practice your WHY by becoming it. Speaking, writing, sharing, creating are all ways of stepping into your WHY. The more you practice it by pouring yourself into others, the more you defy gravity and realize your hidden potential. It doesn't require you to be perfect since it will never be. Your imperfection is your perfection. Your willingness to act is what attracts others to you. No action creates no reaction. Without failure there can be no innovation, progress and forward movement. Without discomfort you cannot grow. Without growth there is no life.