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Friday, December 23, 2011

The Launch of the Priya Ali Brand - a new altitude for living

Red TIP Article – Living your Best Life Now

I recently gave a series of global talks with a focus on creating a ‘culture of initiation’. As an inspirational speaker that strives to inspire people to action - this principle resonates to my core. When you look at successful entrepreneurs ask yourself – what is it that makes them different than me? The answer – they took action, they failed, then failed again and finally learned how to fail better. Building a culture of initiation means leaning forward and making mistakes. It means raising your hand, stepping forward and standing out. It means getting off the sidelines and being a participator. Companies that strive to build a culture of initiation understand this concept. They stand out and do what ever it takes to differentiate themselves within the marketplace. Companies like Google, Apple, Starbucks, Walt Disney and Virgin are good examples of building a culture of initiation. They act on ‘gut instinct’ and intuition to move their ideas forward with purpose. They don’t expect to have all the answers yet clearly understand the power of inspired action versus no action. Individuals that strive to build cultures of initiation are masters at influencing and motivating others. They cultivate a community of brand ambassadors dedicated to helping their vision succeed. This month we celebrate the launch of the Priya Ali Brand, a recent entrepreneur that I ignited. Priya has a fantastic focus for helping people experience greater joy in their lives and helping them create their BEST life now. Priya Ali has launched a new attitude and altitude for living your best life quite simply branded as 365. I encourage you to listen to our one-on-one interview and let Priya’s words fill your heart as you fixate on creating your desired life and reaching new levels of magnificence in 2012. Priya’s interview can be found at:

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate all of the entrepreneurs that I’ve ignited in 2011 - it has been an honor being a part of your creative journey and the best is yet to come. I wish all of you a memorable holiday season and a thriving New Year.

Please note - my next [THURSDAY TANK] Event has been moved to Thursday Jan.19, 2012 at ThinkSPOT – 492 Locust Street in Burlington. This event will be focused on ‘The Art of Communication by Engaging Others’. Please note – this exclusive event is limited to 20 individuals.