Why Time

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Lead yourself

It's far to easy to look at your external world and blame them for the outcomes in your life - how is that working for you? What is this external world that we proclaim should gives us the happiness that we deserve?  It's everyone outside of ourselves: our bosses, our up line leaders, our spouse, close friends and family, our co-workers, our parents, neighbors, teachers, heck we'll even blame the government for our lack of action. I've often said:  "When your inside voice is more profound than anything from your external world you will have mastered your life!" 

Mastering my life means taking 100% responsibility for the life that I choose to create. It means knowing that I am the co-creator of my universe and the outcomes in my life are the direct result of my choices, thoughts actions and failures. Everything in my life has led me to this beautiful and brilliant place. Every action, non-action, risk and willingness to see everything and everyone as the most brilliant teacher allows me to live a life of inspiration. 

Here is the thing - you have tried it the other way and you know where that has led you - today is a new day that will get you onto a course of massive change if you choose to lead yourself first.