Why Time

Monday, May 26, 2014

Trust in the WAY

You have taken action by becoming aware of the BIGGER picture of your life. You now believe that there are no limits to your potential. If you can see and feel it you know that you can acheive it. You have felt the feelings of living the life that you want. You have made a commitment towards taking daily action and pursuing your dreams. You wake up every morning ready to contribute your special gifts to the world. You feel a deeper connection to yourself and the world around you. For the first time you are taking 100% responsibility for the life that YOU are creating. 

The key is to discipline your dissapointment by trusting in the WAY. As you strive for newer, larger goals worthy of your greatness, your resilience and willingness to stay the course will be tested. You are now on the greatest journey of your life. Everything has led you to this place. Your temporary discomfort is now your greatest catalyst for reaching the next level in your life. You have to believe in yourself even more now than ever. There will be times when you feel alone but this is necessary right now. Periods of high Performace require deeper levels of renewal and inner-reflection. 

This is the time to go inward, see that brighter light of your greatness expanding and filling your mind, body and soul. You are preparing yourself for the greatest victory of your life. You have come so far and acheived so much. Despite the odds you are still here, thriving through belief in something greater than yourself. Trust in the WAY for it was ignIted by a deeper WHY.