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Friday, July 13, 2012

Inspired Creativity – The New Metric for Success

Fortune Magazine recently published ‘Creativity’ as the new attribute for successful leaders. As Canada’s Creative Coach® and inspirational speaker I believe that creativity is the new medium from which to unlock hidden potential within individuals. Last year I delivered an inspirational key note to a world leader in Medical Technology in Madrid, Spain. It was titled ‘Think Different’ and I defined innovation as: ‘The use of creativity and intuition to advance human potential.’ To often when I consult with large organizations I find they have not yet adopted the principles of creativity as a means of cultivating a stronger culture of initiation within their client/customer base. Many of their top sales reps are still utilizing traditional marketing models fixated on promoting product features and benefits. Top organizations today understand the power of creativity as an inspirational tool to harness new levels of potential within individuals.

Apple scoffs at the notion of a target market. It doesn’t even conduct focus groups. “You can’t ask people what they want if it’s around the next corner. It starts in the gut and then gets hatched in creative conversations” says the late Steve Jobs, Apple’s former CEO.

In my 4th book titled ‘The Innovation Gap’ I summarized the definition of creativity as follows:
  • Uncover your ‘Why’
  • Take Action
  • Create Your Own Opportunities
  • Stand OUT
  • Differentiate
  • Become a Master Presenter
  • Re-Think and Challenge Opportunities
  • Cultivate a Higher Level of Magnificence within your employees
  • ZIG when others ZAG
  • Live Life with Passion.
Recognize that ‘Creativity’ is a mental process and it involves the continual generation of new and inspired ideas. It is fueled by the process of either conscious or unconscious insight and the act of creating something new. Now is the time for organizations to inject ‘Creativity’ into the essence of their corporate culture as a means to inspire their employees to new levels. As an inspirational speaker I am always focused on helping individuals uncover their ‘why’ and inspire themselves to action. When you are inspired you are driven by a powerful force that connects you to a bigger purpose. The definition of inspired is to be ‘in spirit’ with your life purpose. When you are in this state, you leap out of bed with enthusiasm and excitement; you are fueled with a drive for success. You receive a deeper sense of gratitude that almost brings you to your knees. You feel that you are now part of a greater good and contributing to a higher calling within your organization. A new friend asked me the other night over copious amounts of wine what was the defining moment for uncovering my ‘why’. In 1999 I decided to expand out of a 12 year career in architecture, I followed my heart to helping others communicate their passion and purpose. This very act led to the opening of numerous doors that included the creation of a branding agency that existed to inspire creative strategies. If I had to select the ‘defining moment’ I would have to say it was a culmination of inspired acts. In 2008 while driving to a networking meeting it him me like a lightening bolt. I was inspired with a calling to live a life of inspiration: ‘To creatively inspire people and ideas to action.’ From that point on, tremendous discomfort entered my life and became the catalyst for the creation of my new world. A life where I inspire world-class individuals, audiences and organizations to take action and become the best that they can be. In my 5th book THINQ – Live the Question, my continual focus is to motivate people and organizations to uncover and live their ‘why’. Just imagine finding your purpose, what would that do for you? How would your life change? More importantly what kind of legacy would you create?

My recommendation to organizations is to focus on [elevating] your team and your clients/customers to new levels. Strive to create a bigger purpose and an inspired community to drive new market opportunities. Within most organizations the culture is becoming increasingly toxic and fixated on financial metrics, and increase of market share as primary drivers. I think with this ideology organizations are putting the cart before the horse. The goal of leaders today is to maximize everyone that comes into contact with your organization: employees, suppliers, clients and customers. If you find yourself staring at the clock or jumping for joy when Friday rolls around, it is time for a shift in your organizations culture.

This is where inspired creativity comes in, to become deeply passionate for everything you do. It is a new compass that helps you navigate a path that is outside yourself and directed towards a common good. So how do you measure this level of inspired creativity in your current career? Quite simply, if you are not leaping out of bed every morning with joy and enthusiasm you are not living a life on purpose. My tip for injecting creativity in your daily schedule is: Create a personal mission for each individual and for the organization. Ask yourself: ‘What can I control and create right now that will help inspire others around me?’ Recognize that employees are ‘not mechanisms’ but rather human beings that have the ability to unleash higher potential with everyone that comes into contact with your organization. When you see individuals as creative potential and create strategies that help them become bigger than they currently are only then will your organization aspire to living its core mission and values.

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