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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

What is your Super Power?

Red TIP Article – Harness your Super Power
‘When you play small it does not serve the world’

I recently finished reading two very cool books - Deepak Choprah’s book – ‘The Law of Super Heroes’ co-written with his son Gotham Choprah and Business Superhero by Sean Wise. It was interesting to hear of how we as humans create super heroes as symbols of all that we wish to aspire to. I recently asked an audience the question – What is your Super Power? Perhaps you are known for your super human strength like that of Superman? A greater lesson with this super hero is the understanding of your weakness or ‘kryptonite’ – and the ability to recognize and overcome your limiting beliefs. Others are known for their ability to be resourceful and prepared like Batman, also referred to as ‘The Dark Knight’ who epitomizes what one man can become with unlimited resources, motivation and focus. The Green Lantern, one of 7,200 space patrolmen guarding the universe against evil and injustice is known for having the ‘will and the way’ teaching us the valuable lesson of being fearless and moving ourselves to a new level of inner magnificence. Let us not forget one of my favorite Super Heroes, born to the queen of the Amazons on Paradise Island, the warrior princess - Wonder Woman with her invisible jet and cool bracelets teaching us to ‘always have a mission and remain focused.’
Deep inside all of us is an incredible and innate ability to play bigger that we really are. What is that one power that you have that you are known for in this world? Some of you may have dual super powers for instance many call me ‘Mr. Creative’ for my innate ability to boldly build power brands within individuals. I also get the term ‘The Inspirator’ for my ability to inspire individuals to action. Tapping into those two super powers has severed me well. Understanding your super power is another way of uncovering your unique ability and living a life of purpose. It drives you to form a new awareness for what it is possible for you. Uncovering your super power helps you cultivate your personal brand and gets you focused on communicating your intentions to the world. Successful sales people understand their super power well. Successful entrepreneurs like Richard Branson use their super power with confidence and influence others to expand their vision. The famous American hip hop artist, ‘Jay Z’, a musician, entrepreneur and actor clearly understands the power of personal branding. He has a net worth of over $450 million, has sold over 50 million albums world-wide and received 13 Grammy Awards. I love how ‘Jay Z’ summarizes his super power in one simple statement: ‘I’m not a business man…I’m a Business. Man.’

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