Why Time

Monday, July 17, 2017

680 SQ.FT.

My whole life I have pursued more. A bigger career, a grander home, a faster lifestyle.  

Throughout this rapid pursuit for more I discovered that none of these things could really tell me who I am. 

Deep down inside I was seeking MORE fulfillment. So after years of climbing I decided to sit still and master the art of savouring less.  

LESS but more JOY. 

LESS but more PEACE. 

LESS but more BALANCE. 

LESS but more PASSION. 

LESS but more LOVE. 

This past weekend my love Angela and I kick-started our LESS but bigger life.  

We traded in our 4-storey Villa for a new kind of living. We refer to our new 680 SQ.FT. haven our beach loft.  

Somehow, throughout the past 4 months of purging more I don't miss a thing.  As I joyfully observe Angela meditating on the terrace I am instantly filled with life at whole new levels.