Why Time

Monday, December 14, 2015

Choose your state

In any given moment you choose how you respond to a situation. The holiday season can stir up tons of emotions so it's essential that you ground yourself with the bigger picture of you. When you react to others you're only giving away your energy. 

Don't wish for others to change and see things from your perspective you could spend a lifetime hoping that the world will change and it won't. You only have the power to change yourself. You can change the way you look at others and that's when everything changes.

You are the architect and the co-creator of your universe. You are forever changing from one state to another. It's like water and it's ability to adapt to it's surroundings, from a liqud to a solid and then back again. You can shift your state by feeling empathy towards another - that's called gaining a new perspective and when you choose to see others and from that light, you are filled with greater inner-peace.