Why Time

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Make the main thing - the main thing

My new book project is called: 'You're BUGG'N my ass!' It's a sequel to 'I don't know what the he'll I'm doing!' The premise: Fixate only on the main thing and turn off all the other distractions.  Here's the thing - I don't know how much time you've got left but an attitude of 'someday' won't get you to far.  

What is the one main thing that you need to allocate all of your energy to, knowing that if you did, you would be living your dreams?  

Make the one thing the only thing.  I know what you're thinking, it's to hard to say NO to all of the invitations from others.  Without making your one thing - the only thing then you are becoming part of someone else's one thing! 

I get the feeling that you've been doing all of those other things far to long.  You're not alone. Like most people you've avoided asking and deciding what that one thing is.  Without this deeper knowing, it's far to easy to take a back seat and let others influence so many other, non-essential things! 

This is your time to get busy saying NO to the others and rather simplify your life so you can start living that one thing that matters most to you.  

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Believe in the unseen

In my latest book titled: I don't know what the hell I'm doing I share an insight called: 'Believe in the Unseen.'

So what is this unseen domain that we are asked to pour our love, trust and faith into? See this energy as your infinite field of possibilities.  It's your higher power and the energy source for all of your creative power.  

The unseen brings what you desire to create most into to the concious world.  
Why is it important to tap into this energy? It gives birth and way to the formless and brings it to life.  

How do you tap into this energy? Through a concious awareness of it and a deeper realization that you are meant for more.  Living each day with powerful intention helps you tap into this ocean of possibilities.  Daily meditation opens and expands your mind.  It bridges the gap between your current reality and your future self ~ what you desire to create most.  

Believing in the unseen sets you up for success. Similar to a massive iceberg floating on the ocean there is something far larger and more powerful below the surface.  Just because you can't see it doesn't mean that it's not there.

Believe in the unseen and allow it to flow through you for it is this belief that will give you your greatest strength.  

Monday, June 20, 2016

Who are you in this moment?

TGIM: Thank God I'm this Moment. 
It's a powerful question and statement all wrapped into one.  Who are you in this moment?  When you come to realize the power you have in this one moment, anything is possible.  

I recently published a book featuring the most extraordinary athletes from all walks of life. It was called 'Push beyond the Pain'.  You can check it out at www.defyeneurs.com/season5
I love capturing stories and insights from
everyday people doing extraordinary things.  A powerful realization that we often overlook is the 'moment.'  

We invest so much time in the past and worry about a future that hasn't arrived!  All we have truly is this moment.  Athletes train for years preparing for that one moment and when it arrives they put everything else aside and [focus] only on becoming that moment.  

As an inspirational speaker I feel the same kind of energy.  I'm training for the moment every moment!  Whether I'm writing a BLOG like this one, a chapter in one of my new books, a live interview in my magazine or preparing for the BIG EVENT, I'm continually being that moment.  

This world of 'multi-tasking' isn't serving your higher purpose.  When you find yourself feeling overwhelmed it's your warning signal that you're taking on to much in that one moment.  Human beings are not computers! We weren't meant to multi-task. 

If you could focus all of your energy to the ONE THING knowing that if you flowed all of your passion and purpose into it with a greater sense of intention - what would could you BEcome in that moment? Imagine the possibilities.  

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Become the love you are seeking

Yesterday I created a BLOG focused on igniting a deeper realization of what you need to release in your life that is preventing the love from rushing in.  

This afternoon I'm going to share a video on Face Book about these 5 energies that take their grip on us. They trap our light that is meant to shine and reach others.  

This morning I was journalling to the one I love.  I call her 'my love'.  I shared with her how I want to love before I die.  Many of us are living out each day.  One day after another but are we truly becoming the love that we are seeking?  

I encourage you to live this question. "How do I want to love before I die?" To experience this deeper emotion requires us to become the love that we seek.  It starts with loving ourselves.  

It's a new day and it's time to release everything that has held you back from the love that you deserve.  Rediscover the things that you loved most about you.  Reflect on why and how they made you feel.  It wasn't that long ago! However,  in your mind you're choosing to make it feel as if it was a life time ago and you can't recapture it.  

The great physicist Albert Einstein said that time is just an illusion that we create and self impose onto our lives like a curtain hiding us from the truth of ourselves and our potential.   
This is your time to love you, to become the love that you are seeking.  

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

How do you let go to let the love in?

A deep question for a beautiful Wednesday morning. Then again, it's Why Time, the space to question and reflect on what really matters and why. 

I want you to think about the energy that you give to the following areas that make up the EGO.  Then ask yourself, what no longer serves me? What do I need to release so I can let the love rush in?   

1. The feeling of being insulted or exasperated. 
2. The need to be heard and validated. 
3. The need to win, to be right and feel a sense of superiority over others. 
4. The need to accumulate more. 
5. The feeling of being defined by your past accomplishments and achievements.  

One of my greatest mentors is late Dr.Wayne Dyer.  I dedicate this BLOG to him and his teachings around releasing the EGO.  He helped me realize the reason we suffer and torment ourselves.  It's the allocation of energy to these 5 areas that traps us from truly being free to love ourselves unconditionally.  

Throughout my life I experienced all of these emotions.  It's when you choose to create your life - your way that you change your life.  You will feel a greater sense of love and fulfillment when you decide what you want to experience and how you wish to exist. When you allocate your energy towards creation and wrap all of your passion and purpose around it, everything else fades away.  

Today, reflect and live this question: 
What do I need to let go of to let the love in? 

Monday, June 13, 2016

Keep climbing...

Is the climb that you're making worth it?  Is it going to take you to a place that truly fills up your heart?  

Is the climb going to give you the love that you're seeking?  Is it going to help you replace the fear with love? 

Is the climb going to inspire all those around you to do the same? Will you take their hand and pull them up next to you, climbing hand in hand? 

If you answered yes than lace up those boots, look up and don't stop.  It takes just one step more, then another and another...eventually you'll be standing proudly on that mountain top with your arms stretched out high.  You have arrived.  

Most people will never finish the climb. Some won't even start.  Most of the ones that do, get dragged back down from the weight of others from the fear of being left behind.  This isn't you.  You have to break free and let go of the energy that's been holding you down all of these years.  

You're ready to defy gravity by defining yourself! You're ready for the climb.  You are summoning a new kind of inspiration that's pushing you upward.  It's easy to stop the climb but you know where that path leads.  You've already been there. 

Keep looking up.  

Friday, June 10, 2016

Rise above it

Where you currently exist in your life and how you are feeling and all the energy coming at you is not who you really are! You need to rise above it.  

All of the naysayers, the ankle biters and the ones that just don't get you, don't define the bigger version of you.  
You need to rise above it.  

Look around at your life. Look at all the stuff you've accumulated. Look at the awards, and the certificates neatly hung on the walls. Take in the surroundings, the new paint colour and the pillows, the reorganized garage, all of it cannot tell you who you are really meant to be.  
You need to rise above it.  

You are a being of light, pure potential, created to experience the gift of life.  So how do you rise above it? By noticing and becoming aware of your life. By becoming aware of your deeper self that exists to experience joy (your passion). 

You rise above it by looking up beyond your current state of mind and your circumstances and sharing your gifts with the world (your purpose).  

You will rise above it by knowing that you deserve the love.  You are not alone and you are meant to discover the real you. You rise above it by releasing the fear and replacing it with a deeper love for yourself.   

You don't need to know what the hell you're doing so let it all go.  Rise above it all, it's your time, you're ready and we see you up there.  

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Do it for you.

Create that one thing that is inside your heart before you run out of time. Let go of needing to know the how. Just lean in, take one step forward and don't look back.  

This is the energy behind my newest book titled: I Don't Know What the Hell I'm Doing!  I'm driven to shift the world's energy. Here's the thing - we exist in a society that dictates who we should be and what we should do with our lives. 

Stop chasing everyone else's dreams. Focus on building and living yours.  Your current reality is only the result of what you believed was possible so many years ago.  It has nothing to do with the new actions you are taking and the life that you are now creating.  

Do it for you.  Do it knowing that nothing will stand in your way and no one else's opinion of you matters.  

Do it believing that everything about you is possible.  As you do it know this, your desire to be the change that you're seeking, inspires us all to do the same.  

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Let it all go

Think about your life right now and all of the energy flowing to it. The possessions, the accumulations, the people, the demands and all the requests, the todo list, the hundreds of passwords to fuel the multitude of social media accounts, the fears and the doubt surrounding the need for more in your life. 

Now ask yourself, when and where do you feel most alive? Are any of these things truly setting you free?

You came into this world with nothing and you'll leave with nothing so why are you holding on to these life rafts?  

If you do just a bit of reflection, you'll soon realize that adding more to your life will not set you free!  You see, it's developing the capacity to enjoy less that truly releases you from the weight holding you down.  

How do you truly want to live knowing that you will die? What connection does your heart crave? What do you need to release to let the love rush in? 

Monday, June 6, 2016

TGIM: Thank God I'm Motivated

How you choose to start off your week influences the success that you'll experience at the end of it.   Is it just another Monday like all the rest or is the first true day of your life? 

What's possible today? What if this day became the one that others write about years from now.  What if today was a defining moment for you? 

For the past several years I've made it a practice to drive & dream on Mondays. It's my way of igniting the greatness, keeping my dream machine turned on and blasting out of the gate with incredible momentum.  I grab the one I love and together we take off and explore the world of possibility that exists in our minds.  

What opportunity is waiting for you to grab a hold of?  You'll find that once you get the wheels turning its hard to slow down the momentum that you've started.  Your intention is on fire and lights up the sky like a beacon that calls out to others.   

Grab a hold of today, no one really knows how many more moments you'll have to Thank God you're Motivated. 

Friday, June 3, 2016

How long will it take?

How long will it take to find why you're here? When will you know that it's your time? When will you feel as if you've finally arrived? 

I can't tell you how long it will take. Your journey is uniquely yours.  What I can tell you for certain is to let go and simplify, everything! 

Focus on your inner power and the things that only you can control.  You can't rush greatness nor can you will change in others.  We're all living our own personal journeys and our way takes on spiritual significance when we look up and question why.  

The real questions that we all can start living is: Why do I exist? What is my passion that drives my bigger purpose? How do I want to be of service to others? 

Remember, you can't find yourself in time. Live it now. 

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Start fresh

One of my favorite memories as a child was the feeling of getting brand new school supplies.  My 2 brothers and I were raised by my mom, who didn't have  a lot, so receiving new school supplies was always a gift I treasured.  

I loved the feeling of cracking open a brand new note book.  You know the kind, that comes in a pack of vibrant colours: blue, yellow, green orange and red. I loved the smell and the feel of all those blank pages.  I relished at the thought of seeing my ideas and dreams fill the pages.  These note books were like my magic carpet.  Where would they take me? Where would I go? What new levels of imagination could I transfer to these blank canvasses of possibility? 

Everyday you can experience a fresh new start. You can choose to look at something familiar for the first time.  

You can choose to let go of the past by focusing your attention and your energy in the present moment.  Grab a new note book and a fresh perspective on the life you wish to create.  Savour the blank pages and go throughout your day wide-eyed and filled with child-like enthusiasm.  Embrace the new possibility of you. 

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

What is the Potential of you?

I love this question. I ask it all the time.  In my earlier education in the field of architecture I would start off each studio project with the question: What is the potential for this place? 

I now exist to ignite 1 Million Whys through the art of inspiration.  It is my intention to create a new architecture for the world - a new ROI where we ALL exist to pull out the best in others.  

Reaching Out and Inspiring others starts with a mindset that you, me and all of us are meant to see more. When we light that candle, a new luminosity will fill up our hearts. 

There was a time not that long ago when you asked this question: What is my potential? You're like a block of marble that the great Michelangelo is about to sculpt.  The realized potential of you has always been there just like statue within. 

It's not about adding more to your life but rather chipping away at the pieces that don't serve you.  Only by simplifying your existence will you be able to reveal the jewel inside. 

Let it all go! The labels and titles and the energy of the past. Practice non attachment. Love without expectation.  Free yourself from the fear of losing it all. Develop the capacity to savour less and become the potential of you.  

The world will be a better place.