Why Time

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Feel the FEAR and do it anyway

What does the bigger picture of your life look and feel like? What is your heart craving? What do you need to embrace? Are you truly living the life that you dreamed of so many years ago? Think about it for a moment, you had an idea of how, where, who and why you wanted to be. The vision was clear in your mind. The people and resources were sent your way and all you had to do was leap in and take action and maintain the momentum. If you are listening or reading this WHY BLOG then you believe that you are still meant for more. Playing it safe under the control of others no longer serves you. You are ready NOW not in a few months when you are not so busy, but now.  You don't have much time none of us really do. So get busy with the life that you want to create.  What have you got to Win? How about your life. 

Several years ago I made a conscious choice to create my life. The work and the creation that I wanted to be and remembered for inspired my way.  Did I feel fear? Hell yea but that is a normal emotion and if you feed it then it expands that's just the law of the universe. Instead I chose to focus solely on what I could control. What did I know for certain in each moment of my creation? That I was alive, brilliant and creative and I could move past any obstacle. I have an expression - be what you seek. Years later I continue to live a life of inspiration, authoring 13 books with 4 more on the go, publishing the most inspiring magazine and book series, Defyeneurs and travelling the globe inspiring everyday people to do extraordinary things. 

Make your one mark on this world. Make your dream life the new normal and your new comfort zone. Don't settle until you have arrived and you know what you just have. By taking action today, believing it is possible and that you deserve it will allow you to create freedom in your life. You will push through the fear knowing that you are giving the world the greatest gift - you're unconditional love and belief in yourself.  Not everyone has to get it - only you.