Why Time

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

What are you ready to embrace?

Everyone can get to new levels when we open up our hearts. What do you need to embrace? It's different for everyone. Recognizing that you can't do it alone is the first step towards acceptance. 

The energy that you need to embrace is typically a result of what you have taken on alone your whole life. 

Embracing is synonymous with receiving. So many of us have gone through life thinking we need to have it all figured out. Our lives have become consumed with idyllic 2 storey brick homes, white picket fences nestled in utopian neighbourhoods. 

We've become ashamed to reveal our vulnerability as a sign of weakness. Instead of teaching our children the gift of discomfort as a catalyst for growth we instead shield them with the latest iPhone and gift certificates to the mall. 

When you live this question: what do I need to embrace - you will start to savour your life for you will start your journey towards really living.