Why Time

Monday, August 18, 2014

Heat and Sweet - embrace the dualities of life...

Without the day we cannot appreciate the night. Without the darkness in this world we cannot appreciate the greatness that thrives in all of us. Without the heat we cannot savour the sweet.  Without sickness we cannot appreciate health. With moments of sadness we cannot appreciate the ease in our lives. I love the expression 'together we are better' - it's the new mathematics of collaboration (1+1=11).  Opposites attract and there is no Yin without Yang. 

We exist in a world of dualities. There are so many concepts used to describe how opposite energies complement and interrelate to one another. The key is to condition yourself to embrace these tangible dualities instead of resisting them. 

There are times when you will need to balance high levels of peak performance with periods of deeper renewal. 

There are times in your life when you need to crank up the heat and show others your zest for life so they can embrace theirs. When faced with the choice to be right or sweet, choose the path of least resistance and be kind to others by surrending your EGO in the moment and your unconscious need to be on top. This is not easy but with practice and persistence you can condition yourself to live and love without attachment to the outcomes.  

Day 15 (30 days of reinvention) Create a new vision board

Congratulations on making it to day 15 and your third week of your REINVENTION. This whole week is dedicated to ACTION. We believe in you, all of you. This past 8 months you have wanted more for yourself and your life. You are now becoming aware that you hold all of the keys to your future self by taking action in the present moment. 

Today, is a special day for you. We want you to create a NEW vision board for yourself. You may have dabbled in creating one years ago, but you are in a state of great change so it's crucial as part of your new reinvention. See your brilliant mind as a blank chalkboard waiting to be filled up with your incredible dreams, aspirations and desires. You need to fill your mind with the belief and the images that will connect you to your ultimate destination. Your mind cannot ascertain the difference between a conceived/believed thought and your current state of being. It acts on what you know and feel to be true, what you believe in your heart that you intend to receive.  

I have used this form of transformational visualization in so many areas of my life and we will share with you this remarkable process. I used it to leave the field of architecture to create a new creative agency in 1999. I used it to create a thriving web-based collaboration software. I used it to become a 13-time author, a global speaker and the founder of a global movement - Defyeneurs. My visualization opened my heart to receive the love that I deserved. When my mind overflows with an unwavering belief in the unseen, it becomes reality. 

We can't give you a time frame or an exact moment when you will manifest your desires. We can only help you allocate inspired and creative energy that will move you forward onto the path that you want to be on. What we know for certain is that what you focus on expands. 

See yourself as whole, perfect, strong, powerful and loving energy.